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Boston Area Workshop

Look Back to Look Ahead: 2020

Kickstart your next decade with reflection and intention!

2020! A new decade is upon us. In this three-hour workshop, we'll take a broader look at what you really want in the next decade in your work, relationships, family, and more. We'll move way beyond resolutions to actionable goals. This is also an opportunity to pause and honor what you've learned and how you've changed over the last ten years.


During this interactive workshop, you will...

  • Mine the lessons of the past decade. Who have you become? What have been the most important moments of your life in the last decade? What are you taking forward, and what are you choosing to leave behind?

  • Envision the future you want. Prepare to enter the next decade purposefully and empowered to create what you want for yourself.

The workshop will feature:

  • Visualizations

  • Creative activities

  • Journaling exercises

  • Interactive discussions

  • A lovely, cozy space perfect for reflection and renewal


Join us for an amazing experience to kickstart 2020! The Green Room is a cozy space designed for meditation and reflection. We'll take advantage of this while bringing playfulness and creativity.

When: Sunday, January 26th, 2:00-5:00 pm
Where: The Green Room, 8 Park Ave., Arlington, MA 
Who Should Attend: Anyone who wants to move beyond resolutions and start 2020 with intention, purpose, reflection, and connection.
For information and to register, 
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