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Many people are in partnerships or marriages that don’t fully satisfy us or meet our needs.

Or sometimes we go through the motions unconsciously, day after day. But life is too short not to make the effort to strengthen the one primary relationship that has the greatest impact—positive or negative—on your life. It’s time to shake things up and reboot your relationship!


But what does a relationship reboot look like? 


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Relationship Reboot: a snapShot of Now

The first in a series of webinars designed to launch your relationship from Ho Hum to Booyah!

Longing for more joy, connection, and better balance in your relationship? Perhaps you and your partner get stuck in the same old disagreements or differences, or you've lost some of that initial spark.

Join us in this 90-minute supportive, virtual group coaching session to explore your relationship needs, bright spots, and gaps using powerful tools and practices. Build a Relationship Wheel to identify what matters most to you, and learn practical tips for taking action toward change. Together, in community with a small group, we will dig into what is important to you, explore the roles you play, and find ways to create more booyah in your relationship.

When: Wed., Nov. 20th - 7:30-9:00 PM EST
Who Should Attend: People experiencing turmoil, an uncertain future, or the blahs in their primary relationship, and who want to show up differently.
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Led by: Rebecca Arnold (Root Coaching & Consulting) and Kellie Wardman, CPCC, ACC  (Latitude Coaching & Consulting)

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