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Executive & Leadership Coaching

Exquisite support to help you:

Transform within

 Activate your Impact


 Thrive through Balance 

You're a successful, Committed Leader

Yet your journey gets lonelier the further you go in your career.


You’re missing a professional ally, cheerleader, and friend as you find yourself:

  • Yearning for deeper fulfillment

  • Unsure of your own value and strengths within your organization

  • Overloaded and struggling to find balance

  • Craving more depth and soulfulness in your life

Burnout Isn’t Unusual in Today’s Professional World

Today’s landscape is filled with complexity. But it doesn’t provide the support leaders like you need to navigate it and stay in the game.


I know this because I’ve been where you are. A stressed-out, anxious, high achiever, my professional experience spans law, policy, government, non-profit organizations, special education advocacy, writing, and the education sector. And I tapped out too soon because help wasn’t available—it wasn’t even mentioned!


I wish that I’d had someone in my corner the way you need someone in yours right now. Someone who can see your vision and help you make sense of what is holding you back in a way that propels you forward.

What our Clients Say

"You can trust Rebecca to be both honest and gentle, firm and compassionate."


"She really helped me to stay grounded while experiencing anxiety, to focus when I was feeling overwhelmed, to cultivate an effective self-care practice, and she encouraged and supported me in celebrating my wins." -M.M.

Coaching is the Answer  you've been looking for 

Through working 1:1 with me as your coach, you’ll:


  • Create a vision for yourself and your work that inspires you

  • Identify and shift self-limiting beliefs and stress patterns holding you back

  • Understand what you offer as a leader in your organization that no one else can

  • Uncover a well of inner resources and strengths 

  • Build better work-life balance so you can stay in the game and see through the changes you envision.


Discover the courage to fully step into your power to live a life of fulfillment. Like my clients, you are likely ready to claim your leadership values and strengths, improve your health and well-being with concrete tools and strategies, achieve better work-life balance, get promoted, exceed your goals, improve your relationships with your partner and children.


Whatever you want for yourself is possible when you have the right support and are prepared to take steps toward achieving your vision.

When you want to work with someone who combines intellectual rigor and curiosity with intuition, creativity, humor, and a fierce belief in their clients' extraordinary gifts and their visions, you’re in the right place.


My clients and I work collaboratively to customize an approach that best meets their needs


We can do that for you, too.

Imagine the impacts that await

"In just one hour, Rebecca helped me overcome what was holding me back in making this decision and helped me work through the overwhelming feelings I had about making this change a reality.


After our session, I felt like I had a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders and a clear frame of mind to move forward. Rebecca provides a warm and supportive environment to share deeply and welcomes emotions as part of her coaching process.


I am grateful to Rebecca for helping me claim what I want for my life." -M.W.

Change Begins with you

Book Your Free Session!

There's an urgency in your work because you are committed to the vision you hold.


And yet, caring for yourself and getting support may be the single best thing you can do for yourself (& your work).


Because you will stay in the game longer and have the fortitude to be the changemaker you are at heart, ready to impact our systems for the better


It’s time to invest in yourself. Book your free call now.

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