Parent coaching

Being a parent is hard!
Are you struggling with:
  • Screen time battles 

  • Emotional overload

  • Balancing fun and getting stuff done 

  • Feeling like parenting is too hard, takes too much time, and you're not enjoying your kids

  • Fighting with your partner about sharing parenting responsibilities or differing values

  • Not knowing how to support your teenager in their newfound independence

Coaching can help.

I have been there! My kids are 13- and 10-years-old. We have managed a host of challenges, and there have been moments when I felt all-consumed by parenting frustrations and none of the joy you're "supposed to feel."


With my experience as a coach, parent, former teacher, education policy specialist, I can support you in reclaiming the parent you want to be. I am compassionate and insightful, and you will find me brimming with ideas, different perspectives, resources, and more.

About Me

I support my clients to go after the lives they want, overcome obstacles, accomplish their goals, and understand themselves in powerful ways.   

Reach out and let's get started!

Rebecca Arnold

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