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Parent Coaching

Being a parent is hard!
Are you struggling with:
  • Screen time battles 

  • Balancing fun and getting stuff done 

  • Feeling like parenting takes too much time and is stressful

  • Not knowing how to support your teenager in their newfound independence

  • Figuring out how to navigate LGBTQ+ transitions in your home.

What would it be like to:

  • Have more joy and play in your home

  • Find ease in your parenting, leaning on your strengths

  • Have a wealth of strategies to use

  • Draw upon new perspectives that help you understand and appreciate your kids

  • Have greater access to love and gratitude


Coaching can help You parent with Ease, joy, and connection.

I have been there! My kids are 15 and 12. We have managed a host of challenges, and there have been moments when I felt all-consumed by parenting frustrations and none of the joy you're "supposed to feel." 


My lowest moments were diving into my freezer and stress eating chocolate covered pretzels during tantrums, along with an internal chorus of negative self-talk about how my kid deserved a better mom than I could be.

Now, my parenting is filled with more moments of joy, ease, gratitude, and fun. Part of that shift came from tuning into what I loved about my kids, leaning into my strengths as a mom, learning strategies to cope with stress, and having more fun and connection as a family. Together, we have navigated being an LGBTQ+ family with support, grace, love, and humor.

With my experience as a certified coach, parent, former teacher, and education policy expert, I can support you in finding ease in your parenting! I am compassionate and insightful, and you will find me brimming with ideas, different perspectives, resources, and more.

Book Complimentary Parent Coaching Call

We will discuss what support you're looking for and see if we are a good fit.

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