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Got Genius? Yes, you do!

Humans have extraordinary potential. Are you connected with your talents and gifts? Part of the Great Resignation, I believe is people recognizing they are meant for more than their current job enables.

In his book, The Big Leap, Gay Hendricks talks about the “Zone of Genius,” which is the constellation of our unique gifts that we use with ease. The challenge is we don’t realize they are special because activities in our “Zone of Genius” are as simple as breathing.

We know that people are happier operating from their strengths. There are even inventories to help us identify these strengths. But our genius is simpler; it’s the quiet moments of flow, joy, fulfillment, and ease that our genius resides within.

Some of us have a mindset that

“Work must be hard.” Nope! Or “If it’s easy, it doesn’t count.” Nope again! When we do work in our “Zone of Genius,” it’s fun, joyful, delightful, easy. You can get paid well and feel fulfilled without working hard.

What is your genius? Think about the activities you do with delight, ease, flow, and fulfillment. It’s likely something that others have a hard time with, and something that you default to often (as in you’ve done it throughout your life at different stages, in different contexts).

Here are some ideas to fuel your thinking:

-Outlining strategy or crafting an argument

-Coaching, mentoring, advising

-Understanding others’ emotions and how to work with them

-Teaching and fostering love of learning

-Creating visual arts

-Making sense of numbers or data

-Crafting workshops or learning experiences

-Knowing how to persuade, create a compelling narrative

-Developing elegant computer code

-Building with your hands

-Designing spaces

Remember: It’s okay that it’s easy. That’s the point.

If you need support identifying your genius, reach out. I love opening people’s eyes to their unique gifts.

The world needs all of us using our gifts full out to create the kind of world where everyone thrives.

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