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Is More Creativity on the Horizon for you in 2019?

Humans are creative. Yes, you too! Have you tapped this well of energy, strength, and fun?

Creative possibilities are endless: like making shell faces!

I'm terrible at drawing. Painting? Forget about it. But faces made out of shells I've discovered while combing the beach? Yes, please! That way, I have even more excuses to visit the beach, which is a source of inspiration and grounding for me.

I laugh at these shell faces, and rejoice when I find the perfect "nose" along the seashore. Recently, I've extended my creative pursuits to designing air plant terrariums, placing objects gingerly with chopsticks.

There's a unique quality to creative energy that is difficult to capture from other sources. It can shape-shift from fun and playful to delightfully consuming. It can transport, absorbing you in the task at hand. And, it can lead to interesting insights and perspectives. Science even suggests that we reap well-being benefits like more energy, enthusiasm, and excitement from creative pursuits.

So, whether you square dance, paint with a kitchen spatula (like a friend of mine- cool idea, right?), or play the recorder, why not dive into something creative in 2019?

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