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Remaining in the Rat Race is a Choice You Are Making

Does this feel familiar? If this is your consistent experience with life, it's time to change something. NOW. This does not get better over time unless something in YOU changes:

-Crafting a different relationship with achievement, perfectionism, success. -Rewiring mindsets that keep you heads down, unconscious to the choices you're actually making. -Releasing the fear of actually showing up as yourself in all the domains of your life. (Image: Bansky)

-Cultivating your willingness to dream and name the things you're yearning to create and experience. -Building your capacity to say No, set boundaries, and recognize that people-pleasing has the effect of depleting your vitality. -Being willing to recognize the systemic exploitation at work due to long-term underinvestment in people and continually raising expectations beyond what our bodies and brains are meant to endure. -Seeing the would's, could's, should's, and must's as holding you back from the full expression of your gifts and purpose. Ahem...that thing the world is waiting for you to do! So, how long are you willing to stay in this rat race on someone else's terms? What will be the catalyst for you to do things differently? Thanks, Banksy, for this provocative piece.

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