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Think Fulfillment Over Success

Many of my clients are at the top of their fields, working in medicine, law, education, and more. They are highly successful, and they have arrived at their destination after a long road of school and career ladders. But something is missing. There’s an emptiness that is unsolvable by their intellect alone.

These kinds of questions lead them to coaching:

“I don’t feel happy. I should feel happy with my level of success.”

“Is this really all there is?”

“Why do I dread going to work when I worked so hard for this?”

“What’s my legacy?”

“How can I feel more balanced and less overwhelmed?”

“I don’t feel like myself at work.”

The thing is: Success doesn’t yield fulfillment. When this realization takes hold, some people feel like they were sold a bill of goods. They played by the rules, worked hard in school, went to good colleges and grad schools, got terrific performance reviews. But no one ever told them that a title on their email signature or money in the bank wouldn’t yield fulfillment.

When I work with my clients, they start to understand the Marshall Goldsmith quote, “What got you here won’t get you there.” My clients develop new competencies to get to the “there” of fulfillment. They cultivate self-awareness to understand their emotions and the wisdom their body offers, discover their purpose, understand their gifts and how to use them, rewire maladaptive mindsets like perfectionism and overwork, build self-compassion, claim their desires and honor their needs, and so much more.

If any of this rings true, here are some questions to catalyze insights:

  • What do you most love to do? How often do you do that? (And how would you feel if you increased that amount massively?)

  • What do you find yourself daydreaming about?

  • When you quiet down and listen to your inner wisdom, what nudge is it offering?

It’s not your fault that the rules of this more important game weren’t clear. But it’s your responsibility to change it now that you know because the whole rest of your life is waiting for you.

All my best,


P.S. Book at complimentary, introductory call here, if you're ready for something different.

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