Why Root?

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Creating a name that means something

What Root Means to Me

When creating my business, I wanted to find a name that captured it all: the kind of coach I am (my outlook, my beliefs and values, my personality); the coaching process I use; and the outcomes my clients seek.

I went through a number of options:

Amplify- too focused on outcome

Evoke- too hard to understand and too focused on process

Amplitude- of what exactly?

Catalyze- too scientific? too focused on outcome

Then I found the Goldilocks option: Root. I virtually thumbed through dictionaries and thesauruses. I made a word web of its many meanings to me:

Core, source, essence, crux, heart, interconnectedness, building block, foundation, reason, strength, backbone, power, grounded, expansive, broad, deep, growth, and also advocate, root on, boost, cheer, support. (see the image above)

It was just right: melding my values as I coach, the depth of my clients, what I yearn for on behalf of my clients, and outcomes of growth, change, and possibilities.

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