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Why Coaching & About Me

Become the leader you were

meant to be, joyfully!

Rebecca Arnold, JD, CPCC, ACC
Executive & Leadership Coach

why coaching?


Creating a vision for your life & work that fires you up! 

You wake up excited for the day ahead because you're living your purpose. You feel ALIVE for the first time in a long time. At the end of the day, you still have the bandwidth for a delightful evening

Owning your unique & powerful version of leadership.

You name elephants in the room, take a stand for your values confidently, hold naysayers with love, and maintain tenderness and conviction simultaneously. You recognize there's not "right" way to lead, so you create your OWN way.

Catalyzing the impact you crave without fear.

You say the hard thing and stand up for what's right. You grapple with complex questions and you rise above the mundane. You no longer lay awake second guessing yourself, worrying what others think, and dreading the day ahead (because you're driving your schedule and priorities)

Rewiring your relationship with yourself so that you have your own back. 

You have a menu of options to manage stress. You appreciate your quirkiness, hard-won lessons, and the humanity of your vulnerabilities. Gone are the days of beating yourself up with: "Why didn't I...;" "What's wrong with me...;" "How did I screw up...;"In its place is self-trust, self-compassion, and self-support.

Creating allies who see you fully and support you.

Your time and energy become focused on people who build you up, instead of optimizing relationships that suck you dry. Boundaries are simple and supportive to you.

Unleashing the badass renegade within who does things your own way.

Power lies in following your own path. You rewrite rules, change power structures, elevate voices that have been silenced, and lean out on the edge of your skis. 

Having more time and spaces for play, joy & peace. 

You take your vacation time and stop obsessively checking email. You try zany new hobbies. You understand that your own well-being is vital, so rest, exercise, and space become new priorities. Work because just one of the things you do.


I see You, Friend!


A high achiever, but something BIG is missing.

Fed up with ordinary, soul-sucking daily life and work. The badass in you lies in wait. 


Done with hard work for its own sake. 


Out of alignment with who you're meant to be.  

Sick of an inner landscape that feels crappy but has been effective (perfectionism, self-criticism, people pleasing, the crush of overwork). 


You're ready for a straight-talkin', big-hearted coach to support you to catalyze radical change, who will hold your vision alongside you (with annoyingly loving steadfastness), and who sees the extraordinary potential within you to create a life of fulfillment, ease, and intention

Well, then, let's go! Yes, I mean now. 

Transformational coaching packages 


Full-day deep dive 
1 follow up coaching session


6 months
12 sessions @ 45-minutes 



12 months
24 sessions @ 45-minutes


Ready to do this?

What my clients say 

"Smart, curious, creative and fun - that’s my experience of Rebecca. As a coach, Rebecca challenged me to claim what I wanted and to the take steps I needed to take to make it happen. Run, don’t walk, to hire Rebecca!"


Rebecca was super fun to work with and really heard what I was saying and even some things I wasn't. Well worth the sessions and I can't wait for more.


"Rebecca is an excellent life coach.  Her intuition, enthusiasm and careful guidance directed me along a meaningful and results-oriented path. Through working with Rebecca, I have a clearer vision of my goals and how to achieve them."


You contain multitudes (Here are mine💥)

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