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We are burnt out, overwhelmed, unbalanced, disconnected, unconsciously going through the motions of life. We are asked to do too much without the time, energy, and resources we need so HOLD up!


How about this instead...


Create goals that inspire you and meet your goals faster 

Foster better work-life balance to spend more time doing the things you love

Cut through the noise: negative self-talk, indecision, old failures, resentment


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Rebecca Arnold, CPCC

Life & Leadership Coach


Through our coaching you will create inspiring goals, receive exquisite support in meeting these goals, overcome blocks and limiting beliefs, and gain a deeper understanding of yourself in the process. My clients experience an empowered partnership that meets their needs. 


I am a certified, professional co-active coach (CPCC), trained through the Coaches Training Institute, which is accredited by the International Coaching Federation. In addition, I have a JD from Northeastern University and a bachelor's degree in psychology from Brown University. I have worked in non-profits, government, and educational institutions. 

I have lived a jagged path, filled with twists and turns and have learned so much along the way. What has remained consistent is the root of who I am, what I believe, and what I want to create in the world: opportunity for others, connection, equality, and joy. When I have strayed from this, I have felt lost, unfilled, and disconnected. I can help you find your root and discover possibilities that await you.

In my coaching, I bring keen intellect, authenticity, creativity, insight, and humor.

We work together so you achieve what you most want.


I cheerlead, encourage, nudge, create joy, help you celebrate, and more.


Together, we create possibilities. 

How I can help

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In this free, 45-minute session, we'll discuss your goals, what you're hoping to get out of coaching, and determine if we're a good match.
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What my clients say 

"Smart, curious, creative and fun - that’s my experience of Rebecca. As a coach, Rebecca challenged me to claim what I wanted and to the take steps I needed to take to make it happen. Run, don’t walk, to hire Rebecca!"


"Rebecca is a skilled and committed coach. She brings a genuine openness and curiosity to all of her coaching clients and challenges them to identify goals and opportunities, blind spots and limiting beliefs. Her grounded and supportive presence lays the important foundation for moving into greater and more challenging spaces! I can't recommend her more highly--you will be glad to have worked with her!"


Rebecca was super fun to work with and really heard what I was saying and even some things I wasn't. Well worth the sessions and I can't wait for more.


"Rebecca’s smart, warm-hearted coaching comes from a potent combination: sharp intellect, keen insight, intuition, embodiment, and kindness. She is fearless in service of her client’s growth - brave enough to speak hard truths, always with so much warmth and care. She’s funny, smart, and kinesthetic, inviting clients to fully embody the work they’re doing. Her courage and empathy as a coach opens up a sacred space for her clients to access and build their own strength, fierceness, and intuition. She’s amazing."


"Rebecca is an excellent life coach.  Her intuition, enthusiasm and careful guidance directed me along a meaningful and results-oriented path.  She helped draw out from me my core values, interests, motivators and strengths.  She helped me apply what I learned to some practical career searches.  Her coaching sessions re-inspired me to move forward, follow my heart and find pragmatic ways to take steps towards applying my passions and strengths to a meaningful outlet. Through working with Rebecca, I have a clearer vision of my goals and how to achieve them."



About Me

I support my clients to go after the lives they want, overcome obstacles, accomplish their goals, and understand themselves in powerful ways.   

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Rebecca Arnold

Root Coaching & Consulting, LLC

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