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How to Let Go of an Old RegreT BY Christine Carter

"If we don't confront the past, we can be haunted by sadness and self-blame." (Greater Good Science Center)

How Independent Should Your Teenager Be? ByChristine Carter (Greater Good Science Center)

"Letting teens make their own decisions (within certain limits) will serve them best in the long run."

Eight REasons Why Awe Makes your Life better By Summer Allen (Greater Good Science Center)

"Research suggests that awe can make you happier, healthier, more humble, and more connected to the people around you."

The NYT WELL: HOW to BE HAPPY Is a great compilation of tips and habits for greater happiness. It’s well curated and research based. There are a number of ads, so keep scrolling through all the way through. It has sections on your mind, home, relationships, work and money, and “happy life.”

The Greater Good Science Center out of UC Berkeley has amazing articles about well-being. Their articles are free and always enlightening. I get their newsletter.




BuddhifY: A guided meditation app that offers meditation for different activities/challenges (e.g., walking in the city, unable to sleep, pain, traveling).

Headspace: A step-by-step daily meditation app. 

CalMoffers soothing images to meditate with, breathing exercises, music, and classes.

Charity Miles: An app where you earn money for charity while you exercise. 

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