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The Rooted Renegade

Transform Within, Disrupt the Status Quo & Unleash Your Legacy

Get your sneak peek of The Rooted Renegade below... out for the rest of the world on June 10, 2024.

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About The Rooted Renegade

Holistic leadership coach Rebecca Arnold guides you step-by-step through creating a more fulfilling, joyful life that meets the challenges of our times. Blending insights & action, realism & optimism, straight-talk & big-heart, Rebecca will get you fired up to forge peace and purpose from the inside, out. 


Packed with 50 actionable exercises you can use again and again, this book will empower you to build resilience, capacity, and impact. Not to worry! The journey is infused with vibrancy, humor, and accountability. Like a wise, trusted friend you call in the middle of the night, you’ll want to pull this book from your shelf when you need a kick in the pants, a little love, or a practical strategy to create life on your own terms.

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I'm Rebecca

Coaching clients have described me as a straight-talkin', big-hearted coach. My goal is to help you joyfully become who you were meant to be, have your inner world match your outer success, and clear what’s getting in your way.  Holistic success—defined your own way—is on the other side.

Clarify, Identify, Create

Coaching looks forward: creating what you want to see in the world, maximizing your potential, and clearing the internal and external obstacles in your way. Joyfully claim what holistic success looks like on your own terms.  Work with me and discover what the next stage of growth looks like, no matter your life’s stage.

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Read on... for some love for The Rooted Renegade

Maria Flynn, President and CEO, Jobs for the Future (JFF)

As a social-impact leader, it is vital to do the inner work that supports transformational impact. The Rooted Renegade is a powerful guidebook to do just that. It walks you step-by-step through fostering a bedrock sense of internal peace and calm, forging a deeper relationship with yourself in service of authenticity, and clarifying your legacy in order to see through the changes you envision in your communities.

Elisa B. MacDonald, Best-selling author of Intentional Moves: How Skillful Team Leaders Impact Learning

This personal development book does something few do well: It offers infinite gems of wisdom about what's holding us back coupled with simple exercises that, with practice, help us get out of our own way and access peace "from the inside out". The author is not afraid to tackle real struggles such as: negative self-talk, self-sabotage, managing criticism, setting boundaries and finding forgiveness. She does so with raw honesty and compassion and leaves you feeling capable of change and ready to claim your peace.

BJ Fogg, PhD, author or the New York Times Bestseller Tiny Habits  

The Rooted Renegade presents a compelling, accessible approach to personal growth, helping readers level up their lives, and ultimately create a lasting legacy. Author Rebecca Arnold offers relatable stories combined with practical step-by-step guidance. The book provides an overall framework that was new to me— and very helpful in seeing the bigger picture of what matters most in our lives.


Arnold's insights into human nature, combined with her empathetic spirit, makes each chapter a delight. As a reader, I felt the author was reaching out to me as a wise and supportive friend, offering expert guidance so I could better navigate life’s complexities.

Can't wait for the book or to start coaching? I hear you!
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